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So you have decided to take a little trek off road in your Jeep Wrangler? If you have never done this before then you may not be aware that there are things that everyone who drives off road should have on hand. That is the purpose of the Off-road Jeep Parts website. Although it may seem like you need a lot of stuff, do not let this intimidate you and keep you from your trip.

Off-Road Jeep Parts

Jeep Off-Road Parts

Turning your bone-stock Jeep into off-road monster will require some time, effort and money. Luckily, there is a number of Jeep off-road parts available in the automotive aftermarket, that will help you make your off-road adventure safe and exciting.

The first thing you should think about when getting your Jeep ready for off-roading is a set of large off-road wheels and tires. Not only they will allow you to cross the most rugged terrains but will also help overcome natural barriers, like water, mud, dirt, stones, etc. Please note, that installation of off-road wheels may require lifting your vehicle to allow for more wheel clearance. So, add lift kit to your list of Jeep 4×4 parts.

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To drive safely in severe conditions, make sure that your Jeep is equipped with bright off-road lights. They come in a variety of modifications and styles to fit your vehicle’s exterior. As to body modifications, consider installing a set of fender flares and custom off-road doors. Such Jeep off-road accessories as bull bar or brush guard (more:, rocker panels, heavy-duty front and rear bumpers will make 4×4 experience safe for a vehicle. If you accidentally get stuck in mud, dirt of sand, off-road winch will help your Jeep to crawl out of it. As you can see, off-road Jeep has to be ready for everything nature throws to it when getting out of the highway. And so should be a driver!

Vehicle-Related Items

Going off road can be hazardous to your vehicle and in turn to you. This is because if you get stuck then you may be in an area where there are no cell towers and you will not be able to call for help. It is best to be prepared to help yourself. To that end, a battery charger, jack, spare tire, winch, shovel and boards for leverage are among other off-road parts you may want to carry. is the off-road parts supplier we trust and recommend our readers to check out their site for one of the biggest selection of off-road accessories available in the internet.

You can lay the boards at either the front or the rear of the stuck tire to give it something to grab onto and get out of whatever it is that you may be stuck in. You may also want to have a gas can that is full in case you run out. Also, water is good to have for a vehicle that is running hot. Another handy thing that you may not think of is a rope and a couple of bungee cords. You never know when those two things will come in handy when doing 4×4 trip.

Personal Driver’s Items

No matter who you are or how tough you think you may be you will get hungry and thirsty at some point during the day. Being off road means that you will not have access to fast food, stoves or even microwaves and curb stores. Armed with that knowledge, you should pack a lunch, plenty of water and maybe some snacks. You should also have on hand things like a blanket and a first aid kit.

Before you leave on your little trip make sure that the gas tank is full and the oil is changed and full. You should actually make sure that all of your fluids are topped off. Also, check that your air pressure in your tires is good and if not then fix it. Make sure that all 4×4 accessories are installed and operate properly. Above all, make sure that where ever you may be going, you know ways to get both into and out of it. It may be a good idea to download Track Logs to your GPS unit to make sure that you’ll stay on the trail. Follow these simple recommendations, prepared by off-roaders for off-roaders and boost your 4×4 adventure to the new level!

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