Best Winch for Jeep TJ

Winches are a vital part of any Jeep TJ owner’s arsenal who frequently goes off-roading. That being said, best winches are also great to have for many other things as well such as pulling out stubborn tree stumps, loading your ATV or UTV onto a trailer, or getting your Wrangler out of a ditch.

Best Winch for Jeep TJ

Warn® - M Premium 8000 lbs Self-Recovery Electric Winchrating$730
Smittybilt® - X2O Gen 2 Comp-Series Waterproof Winchrating$550
Mile Marker® - Waterproof Electric Winchrating$270
Rugged Ridge® - Spartacus Heavy Duty Winchrating$300
Warn® - VR Entry Level Self-Recovery Electric Winchrating$500
Smittybilt® - XRC Comp-Series Winchrating$300
Smittybilt® - XRC Winchrating$99
Smittybilt® - X2O Gen 2 Waterproof Winchrating$400
T-Max® - Pro Trailer Series ATW Winchrating$250
ENGO® - SR Series Electric Winchrating$300

The Jeep Wrangler is a compact and mid-size four-wheel drive off-road vehicle manufactured by Jeep. Wranglers are incredibly sturdy vehicles. Unfortunately, there comes a time when owners need to replace parts that are old and damaged. Replacing exterior and interior parts to improve the looks of a Wrangler becomes possible thanks to OEM and aftermarket replacement parts found on the consumer market.

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