CARiD Expands into New Niches With Its Newly Introduced Online Stores

On Thursday, August 16th, 2018, a renowned online retailer, specialized in providing auto parts and accessories, introduced a range of online stores which will cater to road & off-road enthusiasts, recreational vehicle & water sports fans, and others., altogether with the seven newly-created ID brands, invites its clientele to shop for components and systems for powersports vehicles, outdoor gear, RV and water sports equipment, and more.

Up until now, has built itself up as one of the most prominent names in the automotive parts and accessories world, focusing on offering outstanding online purchasing experience for their clientele who also seek to acquire things beyond auto parts. surely remains true to its business goals while offering their valued customer base superb shopping experience and quality customer service.
carid-new-online-stores engages in providing motorcycle parts, helmets, gloves, knee pads, and many other different accessories for you and your bike. offers spare parts and accessories for various UTVs, ATVs, jet skis, and snowmobiles. specializes in spares and repair materials, while offering different upgrades for semi-trucks. provides parts and accessories, safety gear, and more for those engaged in water activities. will become the place to shop for everything required for campers and RVs, plus various hardware and accessories. offers products for hunting, fishing, rafting, and various other outdoor activities. provides quality tools and hardware which will come in handy to professionals and do-it-yourself handymen.

As was noted by’s president Steven Royzenshteyn, the enterprise is proud to offer its store network, which will become an ideal destination for all those seeking different products related to powersports, water sports, outdoors, and other activities. is already an established business, which is widely reputed for being among the best in providing vehicle components and systems, while taking great interest in all things automotive, including racing and off-roading. The company relies greatly upon the personal experience of its employees while offering an even broader online shopping experience through its range of newcomer online retailers. and its brands regard themselves as being more than simply online stores, doing their best to make their clientele succeed in the automotive world, motocross, RVing, and more. develops its network of stores along the lines which offer considerable business opportunities, with more than 87 million Americans engaging in different outdoor activities which include hunting, fishing, boating, and others; with more than 8 million adults in the U.S. riding motorcycles; and over 75 million U.S. households engaging in camping.

The market niches with which the company works were chosen for many different reasons, but first of all because they align with’s main line of business while offering plenty of potential opportunities for development. The company works to create a significant impact in its market segments while providing its client base with superb online shopping experience. regards its business goal to provide excellent online purchasing experience within these market segments, offering a considerable variety of products sourced from the most trusted brands present on the market and topping it all off with quality customer service. For more info, please visit

About has a well-established reputation for being one of the most reputable online stores in the field of auto parts and accessories. The company is distinguished for providing a sizeable range of products while utilizing highly-technological business means and some of the most well-trained staff in the business.

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The company conducts business in Cranbury, N.J., while priding itself in being able to answer plenty of business needs of their vehicle enthusiast clientele worldwide, starting with do-it-yourself amateurs and ending with professional racecar mechanics.

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