How to Choose the Most Suitable Car Cover?

A car cover is quite a simple accessory, yet it’s important to choose the right one for your specific requirements to ensure maximum protection of your vehicle. There are two main types of covers – universal and custom-fit. As their names imply, universal car covers fit a range of vehicles, but most likely they will look loose and baggy even if their dimensions are correct. On the other hand, custom covers are designed to exactly fit your make and model and have mirror and antenna pockets, but these are more expensive options.

custom car covers

Types of Car Covers:

Different types of car covers provide different levels of protection:

  • Water resistant.

These covers feature several layers of densely woven microfiber material with tiny holes that are too small for water to reach but large enough for moisture to evaporate.

  • Sun/UV protection.

This type prevents fading and other damage from sun and UV rays. It is recommended that you get the one made from polyester with the addition of special reflective properties or a cover incorporating acrylic fibers.

  • Dirt and dust protection.

It’s better to pick a car cover that consists of several layers of tightly woven fabrics. The tighter the fabric and the more layers it has, the less chance that dust will get through. Besides, a snug-fitting cover will prevent dust from getting onto the paint from the floor.

  • Dent and ding protection.

All the rest types of car covers you can find in Car Covers Shopping Guide.

To ensure maximum protection from dents and dings, select a cover with multiple layers. The more layers a cover has, the higher the chance that it will protect your vehicle’s paint when it’s necessary.

Besides, it is important to pick a breathable cover in case you store your vehicle outdoors or in a very damp area. If it can’t breathe, water trapped under the cover has nowhere to go but the paint of your vehicle. This way, the wrong car cover can cause more damage than no cover at all. Another essential factor is inner softness of the cover, because its inner part directly touches your vehicle every time you wrap it. In case you use the wrong material, it can damage your vehicle’s paint.

Useful Tips

Whatever type of protection you choose, remember that breathability and inner softness are key factors when it comes to choosing a car cover. Some of the most renowned and experienced car cover brands are Coverking and Covercraft. In case you need some additional information and examples of each cover category for your budget, take a look at this video.

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