How to Clean & Polish Jeep Wheels

Do you know what brake dust is? It is made from not only the carbon fibers from your brake pads, but also the minute metal shavings that come off the rotor mixed in with all of the other road dust. This stuff can and will coat your wheels if you are not careful in cleaning wheels. What’s the big deal about it you may ask. It is a huge deal because first of all, it will make your Jeep wheels look dirty and secondly it can scratch and even eat little pits into the metal of your wheels.


Read on for step by step instructions on how to clean wheels correctly to prevent this travesty from happening.

How to Clean Wheels

Step 1

Whenever you wash your Jeep, wash the tires and wheels before anything else. This is to ensure that grime from getting onto the panels of the car and you having to wash the panels twice. You can use a soft bristle brush here.


Step 2

The type of cleaner that you use for cleaning wheels should be based on what kind of rims are on your Jeep. If your wheels are painted, coated or anodized then they will need a gentler cleaner than what you will be able to use on chrome or aluminum wheels. The cleaners will have on instructions on the back that tell what type of wheel they are recommended for. What if you are unsure about the type of wheels on your Jeep? Easy, just use a cleaner that is recommended to clean all wheel types.

Step 3

Make sure that you always clean your wheels one at a time. This keeps the cleaner from having a chance to dry on the wheels. Wash them with your preferred cleaner then rinse completely before moving along to the next wheel.


Step 4

Dry them. Making sure that you dry your wheels keeps them from having those ugly water marks on them. An added benefit of this is that if you missed some of the brake dust, drying them with a microfiber towel will get what you missed.

How to Polish Wheels

After cleaning wheels, you may want to polish them for shiny look and better rim protection. Here is an easy guide on how to polish wheels of your very special Jeep.

Step 1

Polishing wheels won’t be difficult, if you have a wheel polisher, a piece of cloth and a toothbrush. Apply some polisher to the rim and wipe carefully using smooth strokes in the same direction.

Step 2

Place a piece of cloth around toothbrush and use it to get to the hard-to-reach areas of the wheel. Make sure that you polish a wheel without missing any spot.

Step 3

Apply finishing polish to the wheel and wipe thoroughly until you’re satisfied with the look. Now you’ve finished to polish wheels of your vehicle.


Those are the basic steps in caring for your Jeep wheels. There are a lot of products out there for you to choose from in the wheel care area. Do your research. Know what type of wheels you have and get the products that are recommended for use on the type of wheels that you have.

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