Racing & Suspension Seats For Driving Safety

As an off-roader you should know, that crossing rugged terrains, wading through narrow and rocky trails and overcoming everything that mother nature throws on your way involves greater risks than casual urban driving to the office and back. Thats why you shouldn’t write driving safety off when preparing your off-road rig for the next adventure. So what should be in your safety checklist? Underhood maintenance? Indeed. You need the engine to run like a clock. Tire air pressure? Yes, optimum inflation level is a must. But what about seats and seat belts/harnesses? Are they reliable enough to protect you from possible traumas? Stock Jeep seats are good. However, isn’t it better to make a step ahead and replace stock seats with off-road ones, precisely designed for those who prefers rocky trails to the pavement. If your answer is yes, take a look at your options!

jeep aftermarket seats

Racing Seats

Racing seats may work perfectly well not just on a track, but on a trail as well. From design to materials used, racing seats are made to provide maximum containment and protection. Thanks to their curvy shape, racing seats reduce body shifting and let you stay focused on driving. As a “side effect”, they reduce body fatigue, which is especially important after hours of the off-road driving. Racing seats can be complemented by 3,4 or 5-point racing harnesses for even greater safety. One of the most innovative brands of the racing seat industry is Braum. Despite being in the business for years, they keep abreast with the latest technology and marketing trends. Braum produces racing harnesses, harness bars and other safety accessories. In the U.S, automotive parts retailer CARiD distributes Braum racing seats almost exclusively. Check out their Braum page for more information.



Suspension Seats

Suspension seats have been industry favorites for quite a while, and are one of the most popular options nowadays. They consist of a tough steel frame, high-density foam to ensure comfort driving, vinyl or leather upholstery. Suspension seats are have fixed back and suspension mechanism that allows you to remain in a full control during tough driving conditions. Two of the most popular suspension seat manufacturers are certainly Corbeau and Mastercraft. They offer complete lines of off-road suspension seats that comply with almost any for-wheel-drive, and have an extensive dealer networks throughout the US.



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