Smittybilt XRC Bumper Review

Do not read this review unless you are a serious rock crawling, Jeep owner! If you continue reading and you are not in this category then you have been warned. You may develop a sudden and severe urge to go buy this bumper and start rock crawling!

About Smittybilt

The XRC bumpers are made by a company known as Smittybilt. Smittybilt is one of those companies where the founder has achieved the true American Dream. It started in his garage and has grown throughout the years to the massively known company that we all know and love today. They have an outstanding record for quality products at great prices and they have the added benefit of having an amazing customer service to back it all up. And every XRC bumper is a perfect example of Smittybilt’s famous quality.

Smittybilt XRC Bumper Review

XRC Front Bumpers Review

Jeep Wrangler bumpers can be found in a variety of styles and made by too many manufacturers to count. So, what makes the XRC bumpers made by Smittybilt special? Why should you choose this bumper over any of the other myriad bumpers that you can find anywhere any day of the week? Keep reading this Smittybilt XRC bumper review to know the answer.

Smittybilt XRC bumper

XRC bumper has the distinct quality of being constructed from col roll steel. The front bumpers also feature kickers and wall over riders of 1.75’’ 120. When you are out there in your Jeep crawling over all the rocks you can find, you need corners that are raised.

Smittybilt XRC front bumper offers you this feature. This means that you can achieve an easier entry as well as an easier exit even when you are on extreme terrain. These bumpers also incorporate a center section that is solid plate. It wraps both the lower cross member and the frame horns. If you want to add a winch, there is a winch plate that has been incorporated into this bumper. This particular plate can take up to a 10,000 lb. winch. The bumper is welded and is a one piece style. It comes with a black powder coat that is matte and a two stage finish. It also features an incredible 5 year warranty.


Maybe the best thing of all is the price. If you take a serious look at Jeep Wrangler bumpers on the market, you will notice that some of them are over $1100 and they do not have half the features of this bumper. The Smittybilt XRC bumper can be had for as little as $400. While you cannot get them from Smittybilt itself, they are available at various online retailers such as

Was this Smittybilt XRC review helpful? So, what are you waiting for? Get your XRC bumper and then go get your rock crawling on. The rocks are waiting for you.

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