Jeep Soft Top Repair — Quick Guide

While a Jeep soft top isjeep-soft-top-tear strong enough to keep your Jeep covered in any type of weather, it is also very vulnerable to tears. It may get a tear from a low hanging tree branch or even if you pull on it too hard while you are installing it or removing it. When you are not using it you should store it in a cool and dry place where it will not have a chance to get snagged on anything.

Even though it can be quite easy to get a tear or hole in it, Jeep soft top repair may be done just within few steps. If you learn how to do this yourself then you can avoid a costly repair bill or even replacing it. Let’s find out how, shall we?


How to Repair Jeep Soft Top

jeep-soft-top-repairStep 1

Gathering the materials you will need should be the very first step in soft top repair project. You will need:

  • aluminum waterproofing tape,
  • clean and soft cloth,
  • latex paint in the color of your top.


soft-top-repairStep 2

You will need to get your cloth a bit wet. It doesn’t have to be dripping, just damp enough to clean the area around the tear. Once you clean the area, take a piece of the tape you have and put it on the tear but on the inside of the soft top. You will need to hole the sides of the tear together when you do this, make sure that you tape it very firmly. When you have finished this, you can then use the paint to repair your Jeep’s soft top.


Step 3

Paint it on both the inside of the top as well as the outside and if you had not just fixed it yourself, you would never know that it had been torn.

One More Method

sewing-jeep-soft-top-tearAnother way to do this is to sew the tear back together. You can do this with a needle that is very strong and extremely strong thread made of nylon. If you do it this way you will also need to put some seam sealer on it. You can get the needle and thread at a fabric store but for the sealer you will have to go to a camping or outdoor goods store.

Either one of these methods of Jeep Wrangler soft top repair is a viable way to fix it. The deciding factor though is you. If you are not good with a needle and thread then you might choose the first method. If you like sewing, then by all means, sew it and be done with it. No matter which one you choose though, your Jeep Wrangler soft top will be as good as new when you have finished.

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