Transmission Parts from LuK

LuK is one of leading suppliers of upscale components and systems for vehicles including parts for engine, transmission, steering, axle, suspension, HVAC system, etc. However, the core of brand’s products, that allows it to gain recognition, are clutches and flywheels.

LuK History

LuK was founded in 1965 by Schaeffler brothers Wilhelm and George and originally it was focused on manufacturing of diaphragm spring clutches with a release system. Since that time the company has never lost its commitment to innovations and customer orientation and in 1999 the it became a part of the Schaeffler Group.
LuK RepSet Pro

LuK Products — The Secret of Quality

LuK auto parts provide excellent quality and exceptional dependability thanks to the most advanced technologies used in their manufacture. Company’s units undergo pressworks, heat treatment, and machining before get to the assembly line. The assembly is carried out by machines mainly designed in the brand’s own custom machinery factory. The range of manufactured units is very wide and nowadays every third new car is outfitted with LuK clutches. In the online catalog of the well-known CARiD website you can easily find a vast range of upscale LuK parts.
Well-known LuK dual mass flywheels are also worth mentioning. The brand was one of the first to introduce this part that became highly popular on the market because of increased fuel efficiency and ride comfort it provides. In 2002 the 20 millionth unit left the assembly line. Though, LuK continues its development and research and now they work on the automation of manual gearboxes and on components for CVT transmissions able to handle more than 300 Nm of torque.

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