How to Install a Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are considered a necessary upgrade for all those who would like to make their pickup truck bed’s security much better, all while protecting their cargo from weather elements. Also known as truck bed covers, tonneau covers are offered in many different designs, while being capable of transforming your pickup truck’s bed. A properly-functional tonneau cover will surely keep the cargo inside of your bed protected from Mother Nature, while also keeping it safe & secure from prying eyes and loose hands.

To add to everything aforementioned, only you can decide what type of tonneau cover you are going to purchase and install, and your pickup truck’s bed can even become more secure than its cabin. In the following tutorial we will answer some of the most common questions that pickup truck owners ask when installing a tonneau cover on their vehicle.

  • Tonneau CoverMake sure that your newly-purchased tonneau cover is compatible with all of other accessories, i.e. bed liners, bed rail caps, etc., installed in your pickup truck’s bed. Open the tailgate – a closed tailgate will interfere with the installation process. The majority of tonneau covers are supplied with side rails, which should be positioned up on the bed rail, and then loosely fit onto the sides or top of the pickup truck’s bed rails.
  • You need to clamp the provided side rails two thirds in to the pickup truck bed’s length, closer to the cab, and then tighten them.
  • If you need to add any shims / spacers, then do so now. Place the shims / spacers in-between the tonneau cover’s edges and bed rail so as to close the gap.
  • Feel free to put all of the additional clamps now, while attaching them just like you did with the first ones.
  • Perform all of the aforementioned steps with the second rail.
  • Now, both rails should be aligned in parallel with each other, you can adjust them until they become centered flat.
  • You can complete tightening the front clamps of each rail, use the necessary diameter wrench to do the job.
  • Now it would be the time to proceed with the installation of rubber seals if your tonneau cover came supplied with them.
  • Double-check for all of the additional accessories that came with your tonneau cover, that include tension adjustment screws, storage straps, and so on.
  • Now you can place your cover over your pickup truck’s bed rails. You can use either a forklift or have someone give you a helping hand.
  • Go ahead and unroll or unfold the cover, you can use tension screws to adjust the tension if necessary.
  • While it may depend on the tonneau cover model, you can bolt the cover onto the rails, although it may have already snapped into the necessary openings.
  • Check all the clamps and tighten them to the required torque specifications.
  • Install the additional components which came supplied with your tonneau cover.

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